I can be sassy sometimes...and announcing a giveaway

i like to think i have a little sass in me. (i'm not sure if that's good or bad at times.) So, last halloween to bring out my inner sass-ness i dressed up as kat von d. so, as i participate in my first "embrace the camera" thursday, i leave you with a picture of my family and i trick-or-treating around kansas city. the long hair is not real (it's a shame) and the tattoos are certainly not real (double shame.) i secretly want a tattoo and this might be the year ;)

On a completely DIFFERENT note:
You will DEFINITELY want to check back next Thursday for our BIG

AND anyone who buys something between
 now and next Thursday will be automatically entered 
into the giveaway. Just message me or comment below that you bought an item and you're automatically entered!

We will release all the details next  Thursday.
Until then, 
{embrace} your inner shopper and head on over to our etsy shop to support our adoption!


Jami Nato said...

twas a fun time! although, we'll never do that again. it was way too crazy.

audrey said...

what did your husband dress up as? a cool englishman? i feel bad. i didn't dress up for george's first 'sweet treats day'...does that make me a bad momma?

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