Yeah for Etsy!

After much anticipation and hard work by my sissies and myself, our adoption inspired Etsy site has launched. You can visit by clicking the lovely icon below.

I know I'm not french, but I love the Etsy banner above. It's so cute. All proceeds from the shop go toward our adoption, so send your friends over and buy something handmade and beautiful. Here's a sample of what's in the shop. Happy Hunting!


Our New Family Blog and Adoption.

So, the Porter family is giving this whole blog thing a try. I've done a blog for my business, but somehow never brought myself to do a personal blog. Maybe it's because I sit there and think, are there really people out there that want to hear about my life? online? So, here we go. Hope it's exciting.

Another reason I wanted to start blogging is because we're in the beginning stages of adopting a baby and I thought it would be fun, maybe even encouraging or informative, for others to read and be encouraged along the process.

So far the idea of adoption is....joyous. scary. exciting. complicated. and that's only the beginning. so...we started this blog to share our progress and also in hopes of encouraging others that are looking to adopt. it's been hard to find credible websites or blogs that truly share a start to finish story. so, we hope we can share a little bit of our story and hope this blog might be helpful to you in your journey.


the porters

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