It's me, Landon, guest blogging again on my wife's killer blog. I've hacked in to leave a surprise post. Today is our 5 year anniversary. Phew! 5 years already!

Now, don't get your pants in a bind. I wrote this before today and had it scheduled to post. You had better believe we are not cooking, cleaning, working, or updating this blog on our anniversary . . . "Hi. We're not home right now. Leave a message." Nope. Our awesome friend Torie and Rachel's mom were gracious enough to tag team watch our daughter. We actually drove the whole mile to the Plaza to chill at a hotel for a night. A little sunbathing, swimming, shopping, se-, and um, watching HGTV (we don't have cable . . . don't judge).

I am very thankful to have Rachey as my bride . . . here are 10 Reasons why my wife is kick-ass (in no particular order):
  1. She is drop dead gorgeous
  2. She loves, fears, pursues, and hopes in God
  3. She makes the best asparagus a man could hope for
  4. She is a fantastically patient, gentle, love-pouring-out mother
  5. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen
  6. She is quick to forgive and even quicker to repent
  7. She is always striving to better herself
  8. She never, ever has bad breath, b.o., boogers, eye boogers, or food stuck in her teeth (how she pulls this off I shall never know)
  9. She thinks there's always time for an impromptu Target run
  10. She is a deep well of support and encouragement for me as the leader of our family, our household, and our business.

Here are a few fun facts from each of the past 5 years:
Year 1:  Paid $520-ish for our first year of rent, and $100 on utilities and $200 on food per month. It seems we've decided to use these numbers as a baseline and just multiply them by the number of years we've been married (I just opened the electric bill . . . crud . . . gotta love 100+ weather in a 90+ yr old house).

Year 2: Quit my J-O-B to start our own business. Sa-weet!

Year 3: Moved twice, became city dwellers, got pregnant

Year 4: Bought our first home, traveled to London, England and welcomed London Porter into our family. Go figure.

Year 5: Brewed our first beer and planted our first garden (then drank said beer while harvesting said garden).

All-in-all, we have had an awesome past 5 years together and I am looking forward to the next 100 years with this woman. I am blessed to call her my wife and my friend. Love you, Rachey, love you.

Here's to a trip back to that magical day 5 years ago . . .


Elizabeth said...

That last picture is SUCH a Rachel face. Love it.

kristin fulghum said...

yea! happy 5 years to you guys!

kristin fulghum said...
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Christina Klas said...

Um. This is adorable. Happy 5 years!

bethany said...

SO cute! Happy FIVE!

Breeann said...

This is so sweet! Happy anniversary!!

momdiggity.com said...

Wait a minute...chain-hater Rachel LOVES Target??? Never letting her live this down. ;)

P.S. Happy Anniversary!

Terri said...

What a sweet, sweet post.

The Bonjour Four said...

this is the sweetest post EVER. aww happy anniversary you two!

Tam said...

How insanely cute is HE?! This post is adorbs, totally a keeper. Happy Anniversary!

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