about me.

where to start?

i love all things vintage. somehow i wish i could go back and live in the 20's or 30's for a bit. Agatha Christie is my favorite author. And Then There Were None will never get old. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is also close to my heart. If I could live anywhere other than the States, it would for sure be England, with frequent trips to France.

my blog and shop?

love is rising

the name is a mesh...

where we're at in life right now with adoption, our love continues to rise and grow for our baby we have yet to meet. our love is doing the same with our firstborn, little london (pictured above.) the name's also partly based on a Weepies song. that husband and wife duo continue to rock my world, musically speaking. their songs move me in such a strong way.

our little london is 1 year(s) old and such an amazing part of our lives. we named her after the city  (not after my husband, Landon.) we have a special place in our heart for London, England. the rich history, beauty and elegance that's around every corner in that city.

this is my hubby, Landon, one stellar  man. this photo was actually taken in London in front of Churchill's War Rooms.  Landon owns his own business and is super good at it, if i don't mind saying so myself. :) He builds custom databases using FileMaker Pro in Kansas City. he's such a good daddy and hubs.
So, here we are...a family of 3, waiting for our next baby to arrive. I hope they come soon!

 I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a note, letter or novel if you want. If you're still reading, i'm proud and thankful :)


Chantel said...

Ok, a) you are absolutely adorable b) so is your little girl c) I want to buy everything in your etsy shop and d) I'm praying for you and all you've got going on right now.

God Bless

victoriaeaster said...

Just found your blog via a friend of mine! What wonderful work! :D Can't wait to see the little joy that God will bring to your family!

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