absent from blogging.

i have been vacant from the blog world for a bit. 
since becoming pregnant, but body has not been my own. LITERALLY. 
somehow i wish someone would have warned me how tough it is to raise a 1 1/2 year old and be pregnant. 
but...i know that wouldn't have changed the situation or my desire for kids.
most days when lon's lays down for her nap, so do i. 
there's blogging being missed...
and laundry
and house cleaning
and emails and shop updates
this new sweet babes is making me SO tired. 

physically, mentally and emotionally. 

so, that's why i'm not very active blogging right now. 

i want to be. 

i just don't feel like i have the energy. 

hopefully soon though. we are coming to an end of the first trimester and i'm getting some energy back. 

we'll see...

any advice out there from you who have done it? 

being pregnant with a babes and already has kids at home?

and since right now i haven't been looking good or taking many photos, i leave you with a photo of my caesar salad.

i know, it's strange. 

but it's the best darn caesar salad i've had and i discovered it a couple weeks ago at my pool. 


 (notice my funny combo of my feet and my raft 
as i try and relax and get some sun)


Emily said...

Hmm I don't think I blogged for the first trimester! I slept. And I don't regret it. We will still be here my friend!!!

Jenny said...

I have taken naps most days of this entire pregnancy... other moms I know have done it too. :) It might just be the only way to get through chasing a toddler around all day. You can do it!

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