my sweet babes is sick and long forgotten Halloween.

our sweet little babes is sick again. 

man, I hate it when they're sick. 
london came down with a BAD stomach bug two weeks ago.

vomiting, dehydration, the works. we took her to the pediatrician one day, urgent care a couple days later and then they told us to get our butts to the ER (in so many words) 

she was so dehydrated she had to be admitted to the hospital overnight. :( 
needless to say, those few days at our house my heart was broken over and over.

to watch your sweet baby be sick is SO HARD. 

i felt so helpless. so sad for her. so worried. 

after she got on IV fluids at the hospital she was back to her self in no time though. 


then, it was just time to catch up on our sleep :) 

BUT barely two weeks later the poor babes is sick again with croup like symptoms ...oh man. 

we battled croup last winter 3 times when she was smaller and even though i feel like we know "what to do" better this winter, it's still hard to know she isn't feeling great. plus none of us are getting the sleep we need. 

we would love your prayers for a good recovery for London, and strength to walk through difficult times like this as her parents. 

we are SO thankful for her overall health and it's times like these where we realize what we really do take for granted...
(transition sentence here)

on a completley different note, i found some photos this week i had forgotten about from London's first trick or treating Halloween, so wanted to post them now. better late than never right? 

 happy halloween. very late...


Finding Mercy said...

Yay! Welcome back. :) Late is always better than never. Now post some pics of the new nursery!

honest, B said...

so stinkin cute! hope she feels better in no time!!

Charis said...

Hi, I am new to your blog and have a son similar in age to your little girl! We will pray for a speedy recovery for your daughter...it is so hard to see them ill. Best wishes x

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