back into BLOGGING...sort of ;)

so i was planning on a long and meaningful post to get myself back into blogging. 

then my sweet daughter caught a stomach bug this week and we have been dead tired all week. 

so, to ease myself back into blogging,  i'll just leave you with some images from the Porter Farm from the week of Thanksgiving. 

Landon's parents are legit Kansas farmers and their land and farm are gorgeous.

 london meeting her first miniature horse. 

 a fun collection of Nan's books on the farm. 

 Pop deciding what to order at the old fashioned soda bar in town. 

 enjoying his decision...

 the "swing set" landon grew up playing on.

utter cuteness.

hello 1980's jeep.

 taken by my honey out on the pasture. 

her first horse ride.


Rylie Craft said...

Oh my gosh! I had that exact same jeep growing up! It was my favorite. :)
She's so cute.

Jessa said...

Your parents-in-law live in a Rockwellian paradise. I want to move there.

What a delightful post. Hope you're feeling well!

Emily said...

Oh yes yes yes! Ive missed you!!!!

Gorgeous pictures!!!!

melody said...

these photos really are so beautiful :) so glad you're back into blogging!

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