She Chose Us!

I first want to say, in spite of the difficulty of adoption, or more accurately, because of the difficulty, God has really taken a hold of our hearts (and minds, and affections, and desires, and on and on and on) and has refined our faith. Not a faith that adoption will "just work out eventually" (though we have had great hope for that), but more specifically, a faith in God as a good Father in whose hands we are kept and loved. I guess our eternal perspective is what has changed the most.

With this being said, last night we were notified by our adoption agency here that a birth mom selected us! We are beyond happy at this news. Our birth mom is young. She is caucasian and the birth father is bi-racial.  She lives not too far from us actually and plans to deliver at a hospital here locally . She is due February 26th (so close!) The baby had a healthy, strong heart beat. She having a sonogram next week, so we might know the sex of the baby then. We are set to meet her for the first time next Thursday.

Please pray for our birth mom. Pray that God would comfort her throughout this process and protect her from doubts and lies. Her parents are very supportive, though it's more difficult for her. Pray that the baby is healthy and mama is healthy and that the delivery goes well.

And pray for us. Pray that we continue to trust in God throughout this process and that we walk along side of our birth mom in a loving, sympathetic, compassionate way. And pray for anything else you can think of :-)

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