the FBI and my fingerprints...SRSLY???

As you know, we are adopting a little BAMBINO soon and the process is quite INTENSE.

Step #1? the homestudy. 

Step #2? Getting fingerprinted by the FBI to make sure you aren't a creep-O. 

so, who's fingerprints get rejected, NOT ONCE, but twice?? Little 'ol me. 

The reasons?  
We're unsure...probably genetic. But one thing they did say is, well maybe sometime in the past you wore off your own fingerprints...or burnt them off. 

Is there even a response for that? ?  what the heck?

Now, keep tracking with me... I LOVE a good mystery. Agatha Christie is my FAVORITE. I was reminded of her when my mom responded about the fingerprinting with, "you could commit a murder and get away with it." 

Now, don't be worried. I would never do that and it was a really funny joke, between two mystery lovers, but I feel like i need to put that disclaimer out there :)

But all this mystery talk reminded me of our trip to foggy England last year and of the setting of many of Agathe Christie's novels. So, I'll leave you with some of our photographs from England.

Oh, how i long to go back very soon...

 taken at the tower of london

the orangery at kensington palace. the best afternoon tea i've ever had

if you can guess who's house this is, i'll give you all my blow money for the month ;)

seriously though, this is the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire's house. but also the set of Mr. Darcy's house for the latest Pride and Prejudice

and, the best for last...this is one of the many fields we walked through on the way to the house

i'm in love with you England and hope to see you again soon. 


Elizabeth said...

You make me miss traveling.

And sorry about your prints, that's sucky. What do you have to do now instead?

Jami Nato said...

OMG, i need to go there.

you criminal. hahahaha.

rachel porter said...


now they have to manually go in and research my name to make sure i'm legit ;) and we just found out that got approved, as of about an hour ago!

Emily said...

Oh my those pics are beautiful!!

And whoa mam, burn your fingerprints off? YIKES!

Lindsey said...

That does not sound fun, but I'm glad you're approved now and you're not a criminal!! YAY!!!

Um, I'm totally jealous that you've been to England. I've never been anywhere. Except Canada. And Mexico. But they're connected, so it doesn't count. :)

Lindsey :)


VL said...

found you through nato. bloglovefest. And I think you forgot to mention whether or not you met Mr. Darcy? seems important to me.

bethany said...

bwahahah! Your mom cracks me up because that is EXACTLY what I thought when I heard that about your prints.
Those pics are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Too funny - I live about 40 mins from Chatsworth house in Derby! and I have say we are VERY spoilt by the beauty that surrounds us - Fab blog, I am a Mummy to 3 adopted children (sibling group) it will be the an AMAZING journey for you xx Praying for you this side of the pond x

rachel porter said...

dear anonymous reader,

i wish i had a way to respond back to you! maybe you'll see this :) i love that you live so so close to the Chatsworth house. how beautiful. do you have a family blog? how amazing to adopt a sibling group. thank you for your prayers. they are needed and appreciated.

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