London is 1 ! well, almost...part 1

Last weekend we celebrated London's first birthday! It was actually her 11 month birthday, but it's the weekend grandmommy and granddaddy could come in town. Here is her party documented in photos. 

There was too much adorable cuteness on this day to fit it all in one post.  All this images were taken by my uber talented sister, Adrienne. And believe me, they were hard to narrow down.

So, here's part 1 of the party. (part 2 to continue later this week) 

Cheers! Enjoy Oneness!

a layer cake from scratch. actually wasn't too bad to make. 

 i guess this doesn't have too much to do with the party, but i liked the image :)

this is my baby sista. i have 3 younger sisters, and this one is the babes, who isn't really a babes anymore. well, she's a babe, she's just not a baby. 

mommy, baby snuggles.

she doesn't even know what's coming ;)

to be continued...


britt {K} ann said...

this is precious! i love each and every one of the pictures

c and g said...

so cute! and congrats on the homestudy being complete.

Emily said...

Happy (almost) 1st Birthday London!!

Cake looks yummy!!

Jami Nato said...

the sweetest! happy birthday, littles!

bethany said...

Happy Birthday london!! Love that picture of the two of you! Very sweet!!

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