18 month check up.

last week landon, london and i visited the pediatrician for her 18 month check up.

i always walk in there with a long list of questions/concerns. I'm not kidding. and i always feel like such a silly new mom when i'm reading them off.

we have an amazing pediatrician though that answers every single question and really spends time with us. 

and London "passed" her well check with flying colors :)

when we have this next little babe, it will be nice to have done this all once already... not that having one baby means you're an expert, but to have that experience under your belt "should" be nice.

but wait...i bet baby number 2 will be SO different from london. so, it kinda will be like learning from scratch again ;)

i've learned since having my own sweet babes that I really do want to try protect her from getting hurt. 

whether that's a skinned knee, her getting teased at some point in school or a boy breaking her heart someday.

i wish i could protect her from pain and heartache. i know though that I'm not ultimately in control of it all and that the Lord will protect and care for London {and our other kids} in a way that I never could. 

in a way that is best for them and God's glory in the long run.

here's to trying to hold her tight and snuggle her and protect her as long as i can. 

and here's to letting her go and giving her to the Lord with an open hand. 
{i'm sure i'll struggle with that one A LOT} 

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