our trip to Boston and our random photos.

landon and i just got back from a married trip {sans lons}to boston. 
it was AMAZING. 
to have time together. 
to wander the City, explore our history, have a quiet dinner together and hear music we love {the Weepies and Irish music.}

somehow though, we never end up taking the amount of photos we would like. 

i don't know what it is. 

we both really enjoy taking pictures....

but, it's like we get caught up in the moment and what we're seeing/doing and forget to capture our time together. 

so, we naturally took photos whenever we would remember. 

so, instead of these photos telling our story of our time, they end up being a random compilation of photos from when we remembered, 'oh yeah, we have a camera on us' 

so, here's our randomness. it does not at all share very well what we did on our trip, but they're fun, none the less! 

our cute little top floor studio we stayed at in Beacon Hill. 

oh my gosh. WAGAMAMA. i didn't even know this was in Boston and when I discovered it I literally screamed!  i've had it several times in England, and LOVED it and apparently this is the first one in the States. Woo hoo to a great British Restaurant.

 getting ready to board the Water Taxi on the harbor. 

 landon's creativity. 

Old Ironsides. Longest floating war ship in the world.


kristin fulghum said...


Jami Nato said...

looks like a ton of fun. i want to go there...

Jessa said...

I love the weepies!
What a great trip.

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