a sweet sweet baby shower.

a couple months back i helped host a baby shower for my dear friend ashley. i love her so much. she is one of the sweetest, dearest friends I have ever had.

ashley and her families lives have changed dramatically since June, when they adopted their sweet baby, Zion. 

you can read more about their adoption journey here.  and i recommend you do so. it is a wonderful story that reflects God and his glory. 

as I try and think of the right words that would summarize where they've been so far and where they're going...i can't! so much has happened in only a couple months. very hard things and very good things. 

it was so good to get together and celebrate ashley and zion and the precious child he is. 

here are a few images of how we decorated for the shower. 

i left my camera at home, so my dear friend erica took these for us.

thanks to erica, jami, and maria to hosting this event with me. they did A TON of the preparation and decorations for the event...as I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and basically sleeping through life then.

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stacey said...

beautiful!! you guys are such talented party planners!

I think you commented on my blog a long while ago, then I took a major blogging break... so now that I'm back, I wanted to stop by again and say hi. :)

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