i am SO nervous...

Dear Friends and Friends of Friends and Random Blog Readers, 

Your Prayers are needed and wanted.

Deep Breath. 

This morning is a big morning for the Porter home. 

I'm sending off 3 applications for adoption grants/loans.

This process has been WAY harder and emotionally trying than i thought already.

a few grant we thought we were applicable for we aren't. BUMMER.

there are some pretty steep hills to climb with these grants as well. 

so MANY people apply. so many "prefer" international adoption. so many "are less likely" to give you a grant without being placed with a birth mom. 

(sidenote: with our agency, as soon as we're placed with a birth mom/baby our FULL AMOUNT is due within 24 hours. whew! ) 

we still move forward...hoping and praying that through the pages we filled out they can see our hearts and desires and know how much we long for this. 

so, here's to sending them off! ! 
please pray for us. 

pray they would look kindly on our applications.

pray they would give us adoption money, no matter how large or small the amount. 

pray that it could happen soon and we would hear an answer either way.

thanks friends. 

oh, and here are the 3 names, incase you want to pray real specifically 

- the Abba Fund
- the Gift of Adoption Fund
- Lifesong

the Porters


Emily said...

I will definitely keep you and this in our prayers!! And I would love a coffee date friend!!! :)

Emily said...

Oh I also wanted to share a quote with you. My friend adopted a little girl from China and was terrified of the $$ issues. Someone told her this and she clung to it throughout the process.

"If it's God's will, it's God's bill!"


bethany said...

Praying for you guys and baby porter!

xo katrina said...

good luck to you and your family. i will be thinking about you and wishing only the best for you on your journey through adoption. xo

Rach said...


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