grant update.

last night a got an email from the Gift of Adoption Fund.  
i got so nervous. 

they gift grants monthly. 
they have more than 50 applicants per month
and award about 8 grants in any given month.

the grant manager emailed to say, 

"The Gift of Adoption Fund has tentatively scheduled 
your grant application for review
at the April Grant Selection Committee meeting."

This is such good news that they are going to consider us next month. 

Please please pray for this opportunity. 

We still cannot move forward with adoption unless we get grant monies. 

We long to be matched with a baby and bring our new little one home soon! 


Elizabeth said...

Woot! We'll be praying for you guys!!!

The Frenchs said...

I really admire your patience and dedication!

Katie said...

Definitely praying that you get this grant and that you have your baby in your arms sooner than you can imagine :)

life chasers said...

One step closer! Keeping you held up in prayer!

Emily said...

Wow so exciting! Will keep you all in our prayers!

xo katrina said...

that's great news! thinking positive thoughts for you all.

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