i am tired.

to write a serious post or not???

warning: this post is only text, so if you like the fluffy stuff. this will be too much for you :)

i feel like i'm a pretty open person. and i'll share my story if it will help someone else. or sometimes it's even good for me to share just as a way of processing through things on my own. 

but there's something about posting it on the internet...

not that i mind sharing with new friends and followers, but ANYONE can read this blog, and for some reason, i get slightly weirded out by that.

never the less, here i go. sharing. 

looking for adoption grants and loans has been really frustrating.

first of all, they aren't in one central place. i have spent hours online researching...

only to find...

we aren't working with a 501c3, so we can't apply for some grants that require you work with a 501c3

we aren't going international so that takes out a lot of grant opportunities

and the hardest catch 22 thing we have to continually deal with is this: 

 once we go active and are placed with a birth mom/baby 
(which practically speaking, when you go active with our agency and are adopting a black baby, you are matched typically in less than 24 hours)

our agency requires the full remaining balance as soon as you're matched,


most grants/loans won't give to you until after you've been matched. 

so...it's a weird and sad place to be.

so, that's where we are at right now in our adoption funding journey. 

i just feel tired.

i feel like i've put so much into all this.

i don't know what to do next...


Jami said...

That sounds very frustrating! You are doing a wonderful thing and God will work out the details. I'll look forward to hearing the good news that it has all come together :)

Kate said...

I agree with Jami--you are doing something so special, and it's going to work out, I just know.

Also, thanks for sharing, even though it is a little bit creepy that anyone can stumble upon you on the internet...I like following your journey. :)

Jami Nato said...

uggggg, i'm sorry. just know that your peanut is well worth all the work, annoying moments, and tears. praying for ya'll.

Katie said...

Bleh. I'm still wracking my brain and asking all of the adoption friends I have for ideas for you. And praying. You will get the baby meant for your family - you will.

bethany said...

yuck. just yuck. BUT it WILL be worth it...sooner than you think. I promise. hang in there friend. and let me know if we need to schedule a happy hour to chat about this=)

c and g said...

well... hang in there! it will come together. you've done good work finding the info you've found so far. thanks for sharing even the harder side of things. it is good to see that things aren't just simple and easy!

Vanessa said...

I completely understand where you're coming from! We're not doing international and we're not working with a 501c3 agency. That definitely takes out a lot of options for grants and loans. It's so hard to try and move forward without any idea of where the money will come from. I will be praying for you guys in this aspect.

I just posted on my blog today a fundraiser we're doing. I've seen it on a few other adoption blogs and it seems to work really well. Check it out of you'd like.

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