the waiting game.

so, right now we're waiting on a lot of things...

at least it feels that way.

homestudy sent off.

can't go active yet because we don't have all the funds.

waiting to hear on our grant submissions.
(don't they know we're on the edge of our seats?)

it's hard being patient.

but God's timing is perfect. i must remind myself of this a lot.

happy weekend friends. see you here next week.

thanks for listening.

and just for fun, i came across this picture of my man and i when we FIRST starting dating.

this was actually taken at the K-State Union at their bowling alley.

on a side note: i finally talked landon into smiling with his teeth after we got married :) before then, he thought he looked goofy. i had to prove him otherwise.

so dating= smiles with mouth closed


Jami said...

Hang in there! Waiting can be so hard. Cute picture :)

Kelly said...

Rachel that is a great picture of you and your hubby! I will be praying for you both that everything goes well with the adoption.

Have you been trying to have a second or is the adoption a decision you both have always wished for? Either way good luck girl.

I am excited that you are posting picture of london since I haven't seen you for a few years. Take care!
Kelly Matteo aka Sims

larakara said...

remember. i brought you 2 together. you're welcome. (remember when Landon said, "you wanna come up?"

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