a labor of love.

london's birth-day is almost here.

i've been thinking about it a lot this week. where i was this time last year...

about to go into a gruesome labor. 

maybe i'll share my birth story some day...
but not today. i don't have the energy. 

i'll give you the cliff notes version.

my attempt at a hippy (natural) birth:

52 hours of labor.

48 hours with NO drugs

OVER 4 hours of pushing.

Emergency C-Section.

There are so many thoughts i have on this experience, but i'll save them for another post.

now that i've scared you from ever having a baby yourself ;)...

i'll leave you with some photos of me and lon's (i'm 8 months pregnant) 

and these are the only pregnant photos you will ever see. 

because i was not a pretty pregnant woman...and I was huge.

but, when one of your besties does a photoshoot with you...
she can make you look pretty good. ;)


Emily said...

52 hours?? oh girl...

you look beautiful in your pics!

life chasers said...

GOR.GOUS!!!! I didn't have any maternity pictures taken with Ashlynn and I so regret it. These are beautiful.

And 52 hours? You are a MUCH stronger woman than I!!!

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