the 90's weren't that bad, right??

i went to jazzercise this week.

and for some reason that reminds me A LOT of the 1990's. 

maybe that's when it started?

maybe it's because secretly in my head, Jazzercise is Zumba's ugly cousin.

anyways, i digress.

I WENT because my new friend Heather is also adopting, but from Ethiopia, 

and tonight's class supported their adoption process.

heather and friends after class

they are adopting baby Arthur and were matched with him just two weeks ago,
and they waited more than a year for a match!

now, they are waiting on a court date to go to Africa. 

we have been able to share so much together in such a short time, and i love their precious family. 

she's been a great friend to get to know. 
and our adoption update? 

well,  i've thought about giving you guys an update several times, but it just isn't the right time yet. 

i'm not trying to be secrative, but i don't think i'm quite ready to share the newer details with the whole of the intranet yet. :)

so, thanks for being patient and thanks for your prayers. 

i will just say, it's been a much different process than we ever imagined and we have some big decisions and possible changes to make and we're still in the thick of it, so i'll share more when we know more and make a decision. 

thanks for stopping by. 



audrey said...

i love myself some jazzercise...and i'm not afraid to say it. for one thing, the people watching is glorious and add some sweet cardio too that and you have magic.

The Frenchs said...

Do you not like jazzercise? So sad! I love it...like almost everday love it!

rachel porter said...

let me clarify a little, you jazzercise LOVERS you :) i don't HATE it, just don't love it as i love zumba. you know when something has won your heart it's hard to change your mind :)

larakara said...

intranet? is this blog only accessible to employees or authorized users???

love you silly sister

Jami Nato said...

i do neither excersize classes, for i would laugh at your A's(literally) too much to actually work out. all those mirrors...

katygirl said...

hahaha! i have never done jazzercise but i did step classes all the time in high school. :) i think it's so funny that you put a picture of this on here!

p.s. i think you are very wise for holding off with your thoughts on your adoption process. i come from the stance that once it's on the internet (or intranet, if you will) it can't be taken back! this doesn't mean you have to hide anything, it just means you're being discretionary.

Emily said...

ahhh the suspense!! killin' me! really though, i'm praying for you and hope that all is going well friend :)

april@gingerbread girl said...

jazzercise ROCKED the 90's!! I totally remember it...the music, the packed sweaty workout rooms....ahhh good times.


Vanessa said...

Praying for your adoption process and that God leads your family to exactly where you need to be.

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