diy: making your drawers cute.

i'm really excited about today's do it yourself project.

i'm gonna teach you how to line your ugly drawers :)

do you have a desk? vanity? even kitchen drawers that are bare and need some love?

i bought this vanity (that i turned into a desk) at good juju last month and am in the process of tweaking it a bit 

           see the ugly inside?

       1. find what you want to line your drawers with. i chose an old map I had of Kansas City.

      2. next cut away!

      as you line the drawers you can do two things: 

         either cut the paper exactly to the dimension of the inside (which is hard!) 


       cut approximate measurements and then make creases on every edge

            then, fold the edges back and place that upside down in the drawer.

                          instant perfection! kind of...as you see i started with the first way of 
         cutting the paper, then decided folding was easier and better because i can't 
cut a straight line well! 

              yeah, Kansas City!

                then, push your drawers back in the desk and admire your work 
         ...and grab a mug of coffee


Jami Nato said...

maps! love them...so cute.

kristen @ just live simply said...

very good idea!! i have a stack of maps I bought from a thrift store, this would be perfect. thanks for sharing : )

bethany said...

FUN!! Love the maps!!

kristin fulghum said...


you happy now???

momdiggity.com said...

Cute desk! I've been looking for one at GJ, but haven't had any luck. Definitely lining the drawers whenever I finally find one:)

Alicia said...

you have a cute blog as well, my friend....and i'm in the midwest too. you must be a little more south than me if you're planing your garden already though :)

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