we decided to finally plant a garden this year. 

it can be a big process. 

here are some BASICS we learned in the process.

i hope it's helpful.

1. be sure to till the ground before laying down anything. we rented our tiller for $85 for a couple hours. well worth the cost.

2. Once the ground is loose, add your soil. Apparently there are TONS of different kinds, but find one that suits your needs.We chose an all natural kind.

3. Find out what cold weather veggies/fruits you want and begin to plant in March/April. Our local hardware store had a great list of when to plant what. 

4. Find an attractive man to plant your lettuce ;)

5. Pull up any weeds. They will ATTACK your garden later if you don't.

6. Dont' pull up the actual plant. You will need to re-plant it if you do. :)

7. And... be sure to plant broccoli. because it's good for you ;)

ta da. a garden! 
well, it's kinda more work than that, but you get the basics.

have any other tips for us new gardeners ?


The Frenchs said...

So good for you! I'm inspired!

katygirl said...

i'm super jealous of your garden! when we buy a house this summer i am determined to plant one!

- Sarah :-) said...

Niiice. I wish I had somewhere ot plant a garden!! :-)

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