so we just got back from a visit to my parents. 

i loved the time away and break from "normal-cy"

london loved it too.

a small bummer is...
i bought this new camera  and was excited to use it to capture london's cute little moments and have photos for the blog and on and on. 

(before this camera, photos have been taken with either my iPhone or my sis's rockin canon 5d. so...this camera was a good in-between.)

and the day we left for TX, we lost it :( bummer of bums. 

i can just see some TSA agent using it right now while he's out having a drink with buddies ;)

anyways, here are some photos from our trip...with the iPhone. 


daddy shows lon's a picture book, while i tried on clothes at one of my favorites, LuLu Lemon.

getting ready for the pool. 

getting excited for the pool. 

enjoying the sun...safely though, safely kara ;)

the hottie husband. 
just gotta throw that one in there.


Jami Nato said...

she is just the cutest.

and losing a camera?! not cool. dang. did you cry? wait, was it a disposable? ha.

bethany said...

I love texas. LOVE it. like deep in the heart love it.

Great pics!! And such a bummer about your camera...sorry friend! Glad you guys got to get away!

Elizabeth said...

Sadness on the camera! How sucky.

Lons is adorable though!

Alely said...

yes, i agree sadness on the camera!

here from katrina's blog and entering the giveaway. now following...happy to meet you! crossing my fingers hoping to win!

happy friday!


The Frenchs said...

I can't wait for pool days!

Emily said...

oh major camera bummer!!! :(

but lon is too darn cute!! glad you have a nice time and break from normal-cy!

Katie said...

Is London a thumb sucker? (Mae is.) Cutie girl! Bummer on the camera.

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