new lovlies.

i just added some new items to my shop.

i'm so excited. 

i had to wait a while for the supplies to come in from the vendor, but they arrived last weekend 

and ta da!

a couple new lovlies are born. 

i don't want to be that friend that keeps saying, give give give. buy buy buy.

i'm totally aware that can be annoying. 
and the Lord continually reminds me, I need to be giving of myself and time as well. 

so, no pressure friends. 

but if you're interested i'd love for you to hop on over to the love is rising etsy shop, take a look around and if you like, make a purchase for you (or a friend) and  help us be one step closer to bringing our sweet baby home. 


here are some of the lovlies i posted this weekend. 

heart drop necklace

circle drop necklace

btw: my sweet friend emily is hosting a giveaway on her BLOG for some earrings from my etsy shop. so hop over there to enter and get details. it's open till thursday evening.


Jami Nato said...

how do we get to emily's blog?

those are very cute!

rachel porter said...

At the bottom of my post "her blog" has a link to Emily's blog if you click on it. For some reason, it's not highlighted. I'll work on that.

The Frenchs said...

I love these! I think my allowance is already gone this month :( but hopefully be able to purchase soon! I tried to work on the posting sitch... Is it any better now?

Jessa said...


Nikki said...

that circle drop necklace is beautiful! I love the items in your store!

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