a pre-order deadline THIS WEEK. and a shop credit!

hey blogging friends. 
so apparently i have a more strict deadline than i thought with pre-ordering these adoption tee's
chalk it up to nievity, not being a printing expert, etc. 

here's where you can help. 

long story short...i need to place my pre-order with my printer for  tee's by the end of this week. 

that's soon!!

basically, to get a bulk discount, I need to order the tee's in a quantity of 50 or more, which i'd really like to be able to do, because that means we are able to put that much more to our adoption fund. 

so, that means i need 20 more t-shirt orders by this friday. 
can you help a sister out?

also as added incentive, everyone that buys a tee this week (and has already bought) will be entered to win a $25 shop credit to my love is rising etsy shop! ! 

we are so close to hitting our goal of t-shirts ordered, but aren't quite there, so this week is key for us.

i will keep you updated on how this week goes.

and if any of you want to blog, FB or tweet about this and our deadline, i would appreciate it greatly.
i hope you don't think i'm being too in your face right now, but we have a need we are trying to meet. :) 

you guys have been so supportive with our whole adoption process, that i thought i would put things out there and be honest with where we're at with these guys. 

so, if you want a cute tee and are looking for a way to support our adoption fund, this week is the time to pre-order friends. 

here they are again for your viewing pleasure: 


let's do this! thanks for your support! 

remember, all pre-orders need to be in by Friday of this week.

and just to be clear, yes, you can still order tee's after the pre-order has ended. BUT, this pre-order push really does help me order more tee's up front, get a bulk discount, and save more for adoption. 

let me know if you have any questions!  

click here to purchase. 


Emily said...

Tweeted & facebooked :) can't wait to get mine!!!!!

annalee said...

hello there! i've heard how wonderful you are from kristin, nice to see your adorable blog and things. i'm ordering my shirt now! love the design and reason for it:)

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