t-shirts hotdogs and adoption.

So, you know the t-shirts they shoot out of hotdog guns in the summer at baseball games? 
Just picture it. you're at a Royals game (or fill in your team name.) 
and then they announce they're bringing out the big guns, literally. 
and people get way too strangely excited about this process. 
some team mascot comes out with a hotdog gun and shoots tee's into the crowd. 
tee's that are XXL. 
tee's that are made of 100% polyester. 
tee's that will end up as an oil rag when you get home. 

well, this t-shirt announcement is nothing like that! 

it's kinda exactly the opposite. 

my brilliant friend heather has helped me come up with two SWEET, whimsical, soft, organic, quality v-neck tee's that we're selling to help with our adoption costs. 

Check these babies out. The design is killer. (chanks Heather) and the tee itself is soft, cuddly and grabs you in all the right places ;) 
my vision was an Urban Outfitters type tee and i think we hit the nail on the head. 
Enough describing, take a look. You have TWO to choose from:


Now, just click on this here link and go buy yourself one, and rest assured you'll get a sweet v-neck tee, that's going to help bring our babes home! 
and maybe your mom or bf needs one too...

p.s. keep in mind this is a pre-order, so thanks for being patient with shipment time. shirts will ship the 3rd week of june.

hooray! something to look forward to getting in the mail.


Cat said...

Hi ya! Just hopped over from aPearantly Sew...I love your etsy shop and LOVE these t-shirts.

You are right...these are NOTHING like those t-shirt giveaway at sporting events...yours are a million times better {plus they have a powerful mission behind them which is just so very cool)

Happy day to you my dear!

Looking forward to following :)

xx Cat

life chasers said...

those are insanely perfect! wow, love them both!

audrey said...

frakin' cute! i just left a comment on kristin's blog to win one. i have my fingers crossed!

wannabemeg.com said...

Really cute tees. Nothing better that a soft, cute tee shirt in my opinion.

Jami said...

yeah! They are soo cute!

Kyle said...

love.love.love this shirt!

Jessa said...

just went and got me one. too excited!

Perpetual Blind Date said...

those are so.stinking.cute! Im going right now to purchase!!

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