thanks a million.

dear blog world friends, 
thank you! ! !

i made the cut as part of the top 25 mom shops out there in the blog/internet world. 


i couldn't have done it without you.

i was nominated alongside some legit business ladies. 
 ladies that have had thousands of sales, fans and support.  

This was such a fun experience for me. :)

 you can see the top 25 shops here. 
i encourage you to visit and be inspired!!

here's london's reaction when i told her we made top 25. 
 i'm excited, but keeping it under wraps.

ok. i just had to include a photo of her ;)


laura said...

congrats!! :)

katygirl said...

my husband bought me something from your shop for mother's day!! so excited!!

bethany said...

Work it girl! Thats awesome!!w

The Frenchs said...

Your little girl has the cutest expression!

rachel porter said...

@katygirl. yeah! i'm so glad that was you :) enjoy!

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