self portrait + baby= difficult

happy thursday. 

and embrace the camera day. 

here is lon's and i.

taken on my phone, while trying to get both of us in the shot, while trying to get london to stay still :)

and did you notice? 

i changed a ton of things on my blog this week. 
what cha think? 

please my lovely followers come out of the woodwork and share your feedback. your {nice}feedback, that is. 

like it?  


Kate said...

I like it :) You have such an eye for design!

The Frenchs said...

I Love your new blog layout! What did you do to change it up, exactly? I need to learn these things...Also, any interest in sponsoring a giveaway on my blog and I'll promote your etsy site? Any news on the adoption front?

rachel porter said...

@the Frenches, oh my gosh. to change it up is insane. i can teach you sometime, but it would need to be in person :) i would love to talk about a giveway and what that could look like. email me? and no adoption news. yet...;)

cami said...

the layout is GREAT! the photo is superb!

Our Family of Four said...

Very cute!

Joeylee said...

very cute!

jotoart111 said...

Rachel! I love your blog and how refreshing it is. Thank you for brightening up my day with your heart for your family and for life!!

Emily said...

love all the new changes!! blog looks great! and just so you don't think that i am ignoring you..this is like the first time i've been online in days and i'm totally working on your emails!!

XOXO friend! congrats on top 25 :)

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