yard sale magic.

remember that yard sale announcement i blogged about a couple weeks back?

well, it came and went this past week and it was a

smash hit!

we were completley wiped afterward, but are that much closer to funding our adoption! 

i forgot to take pictures, but the hubs stepped in with his iPhone and here is the way he saw the day...
getting ready with some annoying, attention getting flags. 

 london sampling the baby tunnel merchandise

our friends, the mcgee's, who stopped by in support and obviously left with some amazing things. 

thanks to all who came out and supported us and all who made donations!


The Frenchs said...

Way to go Rachel! We have been considering a garage sale to fund a photography purchase but I don't know if I'm up for all the work...was it just tons?

Jami Nato said...

hooray! glad it went well...
did you sell the pinball machine? LOL

momdiggity.com said...

Fun! Glad it was a success! Maybe I should have a garage sale to help fund IVF. We're broke. Big time broke.

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